A brief reflection on the brand and territorial positioning.

Series of city icons with the text “City Branding”

City branding strategies are a great opportunity to attract a constantly growing flow of people and investments, with positive outcomes in terms of local image and territorial economic strengthening. Today I will focus on city branding, starting from the two concepts of cultural and tourist-local branding.

Starting with the former…

From Behance (with love) a wide selection of free and trial fonts

Okay, I couldn’t resist.

After the latest article on the free fonts available on Behance, I realized that there were still a couple of them missing. That’s why I decided to do a “bonus” post with other and beautiful typefaces. I hope you like them!

If you also want to read the previous articles you can find them here:

👉 First part
Second part

Enjoy it!

Tip: the right answer is not “the logo must be coooool”.

Brand text with employers working on branding design
Employers working on branding design by Serj Marco on Freepik

There are millions of trademarks in the world and the first question to ask is: what makes one more attractive than another and why?

What are the main characteristics of the best brand identities? How can you define them?

These ideals not only include a certain aesthetic criterion; excellence in…

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